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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Brentford 2 Millwall 2, Championship Game 39, att: 10,179 (away 1641)



This Style of play will suit Lee Gregory and he will score many goals, Neil Harris said similar to this after the game and I am sure he is right. A right good breath of fresh air as been blowing around Millwall for a couple of weeks now and what's good about this breath of fresh air is it has come from within and not from the lungs of some imported Fancy Dan who can spin us a yarn and make most of us believe he is our salvation. I am glad those days are gone and I just hope they never come back and with Neil Harris in charge they won't because he won't bullshit us.


With Lee Gregory and Aiden O'Brien spearheading our attack we went into a 2-0 lead by the 64th. Gregory scored in the 28th minute when Ed Upson put through a ball to him and he rounded the Brentford keeper and buried the ball in the back of net. It wasn't all happening just at the front as Forde pulled off  save after save to keep Brentford out. He was having on of his best games for months as he was saving everything and we went into the tunnel at half time one goal to the good and wondering if we could pull off the great escape.

In the 68th minute Aiden O'Brien scored his first professional goal when Woolford sent one over and O'Brien scored with his head from a yard out. The 1641 travelling Wall went bonkers and perhaps thought that this game must now be in the bag and we would grab our first win since February the 10th. It wasn't to be, Brentford were awarded a penalty when Martyn Woolford fouled in the box and David Forde was sent the wrong way. We could still hold out, couldn't we? Within a few minutes the much prized three points went out the window as a Sid Nelson attempted clearance ended up in the back of net as Brentford fired it home. In extra time Brentford could have won it and so could have we as Gregory and Woolford had a chance and Gary Taylor-Fletcher's shot went just wide.

A much improved Millwall and as I said earlier, a breath of fresh air.

Last six: Reading 44 pts, Fulham 43 pts, Rotherham 40 pts, Wigan 35 pts, Millwall 33 pts, Blackpool 23 pts

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Harding, Abdou, Nelson, Hooiveld, Williams, Woolford, O'Brien (Taylor-Fletcher 76), Gregory, Upson,
subs not used, Archer, Beevers, Gueye, Philpot, Maierhofer, Fabbrini

Goals: Gregory 38, O'Brien 64

Brentford: Button, Bidwell, Dean(Smith 71), Douglas, Odubajo, Dallas(Judge 60), Gray, DiaGouraga(Toral 71), Pritchard, Jota, Tarkowski
subs not used, Bonham, Craig, McCormack, Long

Goals: Pritchard 85 pen, Odubajo 90+1

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Millwall 0 Brighton 0 Championship Game 38, 17/3/15 att: 9, 105


All that was missing was a little bit of luck in front of the oppositions goal

Game 2 of Neil Harris's spell in charge and apart from not scoring a goal that was a better performance by the Lions. With Alan Dunne out due to a two game ban for accumulating yellow cards and Sid Nelson took to the field along with Martyn Woolford who starts instead of Ed Upson. These were the only changes from the team that started against Bolton. We started brightly and Aiden O'Brien on another day may have a goal or some goals under his belt after he left two defenders for dead and drove a shot that was saved by the Brighton Keeper. There was plenty of action in and around the Brighton box but we lacked the final ball be it the ball into the box or what the players done when they got it. The side put it plenty of effort and left the field at half time with clapping in their ears. The second half saw Brighton start brightly but we contained them well apart from the time when the visitors free kick smacked David Forde's crossbar. Lee Gregory was a nuisance for most of the game but once again he did not score after half chances in and around their box. Overall we are revitalised and I believe that we have it in us to beat sides with the improved performance, we just need a little bit of luck to go with it.

Solid in defence but just can't score 

Last six: Brighton 42 pts,  Fulham 40 pts,  Rotherham 40 pts,  Wigan 34 pts,  Millwall, 32 pts, 
              Blackpool 22 pts

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Harding, Abdou, Hooiveld, Nelson, Williams, Woolford(Fabbrini 81), Gregory, Taylor-Fletcher(Maiefofer 73), O'Brien(Gueye 73),
subs not used, Archer, Beevers, Fuller, Upson

Brighton: Stockdale, Saltor, Greer, Calderson, Kayal(Lualua 46), Stephens, Halford, Best(O'Grady 75), MacKail-Smith(Teixeira 75), Bennett, Holla
subs not used, Walton, Hughes, Ledesna, Ince

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Bolton 2 Millwall 0, Championship Game 37, 14/3/15 att: 14,719 (away 355)


The team is revealed. This has had everybody guessing for a few days and we started with a 4-4-2

Neil Harris made some team changes. Paris Cowan-Hall was back from injury and had a place on the bench. Stefan Maierhofer was also warming the bench and that's where he stayed. Lee Gregory was back in the starting eleven with Aiden O'Brien, Jimmy Abdou and Ed Upson. These joined the rest of the players that were left who started against Norwich and the stage was set.
Neil Harris's pre match Churchillian speech 'We are going to have a right good go at this, this being the ten games to play before the season ends was aimed at the players and at us the supporters to raise our spirits. A fine speech before we play game number one but it seem to have no effect as we succumb to a early goal and conceded another before the first half was up.

The second half and we play better but still missed chances. Lee Gregory once again missed a chance and Aiden O'Brien should have buried his but alas nothing to show for a much improved second half.
We did improve as we only got beat 2-0 and not the usual 3 or 4 and there was signs second half that if we keep it tight we may get something from the Brighton game this Tuesday night. The travelling Wall stayed to the end and afforded a clap to the players as they left the pitch, now that's a positive.

Bolton "stars" Liam Trotter nearly had Millwall Flue but he managed to come on in the 87th minute and Liam Feeney played the whole game,

Bolton: Amos, Vela, Mills, McCarthy, Ream, Walker, Danns9Coke 46), Bannan(Trotter 87), Feeney, Gudjohnson(Davies 72), Le Fondre
subs not used, Hall, Heskey, Lonergan, Twardzik

Goals: Le Fondre 11, 45

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Dunne, Hooiveld, Harding, Abdou, Williams, Upson(Cowan-Hall 66), O'Brien(Gueye 81), Gregory, Taylor-Fletcher(Fuller 59),
Subs not used, Archer, Beevers, Powell, Maierhofor

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Neil Harris and It's Bolton Wanderers tomorrow

Neil Harris

Bolton do not give us much credit and in a Neil Lennon interview it's not even mentioned that Neil Harris is now in charge of the Lions. They expect to win because they are playing at home as their home form is good. Perhaps they feel that the Neil Harris factor is not worth mentioning as it's insignificant because we are in the bottom three so it must be a home win. We will have to wait and see what's going to happen tomorrow and I have no idea if the team is going to play better or what our team will be and this must be the same for Bolton. I know that Bolton concede late goals and they have a good few players out with injuries. Can we nick something from this game tomorrow?  If  Bolton think it's on the cards for a easy win we just might surprise them.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ten games to go and Ian Holloway is shown the door


Early this morning just as the sun was rising, well not quiet that early but early enough "Ollie" was shown the door and Neil Harris stepped across into the hot seat. I think it can be said that Bomber Harris does not shirk a challenge. Is he on a hiding to nothing?  I don't think so, as long as the team can up their game and show us all that they want to stay up and by doing that show us more grit and guile I think that would make as enjoy going to the Den again. Neil Harris has made no promises but like the rest of us he wants the team to produce excitement and play with pride and deliver Millwall style performances.  I want the team to play for the fans said Bomber, and I say if  by any chance we escape total humiliation or escape relegation by just one point SE16 and thousands of Millwall homes will be happier places come the summer. Any improvement in my book is a positive over the dross we have had to endure. If he fails and the last ten games are total misery we won't hold it against him and he will just go back to his day job, after all he's a goal scoring legend down here.

Ian Holloway's record of outcomes since he has been with the Lions speaks for it self.

From January 2014 to March 10th 2015---Played 62, lost 29, drawn 19, won 14 

In the end his relationship with us was strained and I detected digs against us the supporters. I just think our patience run out, he had a huge amount of time to turn it around but he failed on all counts. I want to quickly forget him.


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Millwall 1 Norwich 4, Championship Game 36, 7/2/15, att:11,116 (away 2,508)


YEP BONKERS!  We couldn't win a game if our lives depended on it. That's ten goals Norwich have put passed us in the two games we have played them this season. In the last six games in the league we have lost five and drawn one and of course the games before that wasn't much better and some respect were worse, the humiliation against Bradford comes to mind.

Just been informed about this >> Ian Holloway 2008


The ninth annual Dockers Day is greeted with not the normal celebration as the dark cloud that hangs over Millwall just got darker. We really are a weak and watery side and totally  lack the fight to hold  our own against a average looking Norwich side. We danced with them for the first 30-40 minutes and then fell apart as Norwich scored a brace either side of half time (ish). The Canaries second goal was down to Alan Dunne who gave away a needless penalty as he bought down a Norwich player as he was running towards the corner flag. I think we know about Alan Dunne's contribution in the local paper and how the players must raise their performances as Ian Holloway is doing as much as he can.
For this game Ian Holloway spent most of the game tucked at the back of the dug out and supporters near the dug out were blocked off by stewards from getting to close to him. There wasn't really much overall chanting towards Holloway but apparently they were vocally loud towards him behind him in the West Stand. I didn't hear much apart from individuals or small groups groaning, I think that Ian Holloway got off light and considering our plight I wouldn't have been surprised if  a noose was slung over a stand truss. It's looks like he won't walk and to push him out its going to cost and cost a lot. Our chairman knows what he is doing, doesn't he.

Nearly forgot, Lee Gregory scored a goal after we were awarded a soft penalty when Deigo Fabbrini went over in the box.

82nd Minute and we score from the spot, Norwich could have scored more but like Ian Holloway we got off light. In the background the hi-vis jackets of the stewards surround the home dug out. Normally it's the away dug out that gets this attention.

Millwall: Forde. Dunne, Harding, Bailey(Tonge 46), Hooiveld, Nelson, Williams, Woolford(Gregory 61), Taylor-Fletcher, Fuller(O'Brien 65), Fabbrini,, 
subs not used, King, Beevers, Gueye, Abdou
Goal: Gregory 82 pen

Norwich: Ruddy, Whittaker, Cuellar, Martin, Howson, Olsson, Hoolahan(Andreu 83), Dorrans(O'Neil 78), Hooper(Redmond 68), Jerome, Johnson,
subs not used, Rudd, Turner, Morris, Odjidja-Ofoe
Goals: Howson 38, 60, Hooper 45 pen, Hoolahan 57

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Millwall v Norwich this Saturday, I am always hopeful


I am bonkers I know but I am desperate that Millwall win this game coming up Saturday. The atmosphere of the Millwall forums and message boards is dismal and I try hard to steer clear of them but something keeps drawing me back, very odd. I can imagine that the rest of the football world is enjoying our decline and revelling in our misery. I try to say as little as possible on the message boards regarding our predicament as it will give others a chance to ridicule and piss take. Others don't give a monkey's arse and I have lost count of how many say that they have had enough and they will not be there Saturday. Some just want to be there to inform Ian Holloway and the board of their thoughts after they have had to put up with the worse run of results ever and three years of overall under performing. Me? I just want Millwall to win, ugly will do

We wasn't that good way back then but we could give Norwich a run for their money

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ian Holloway is on the brink, that's another two away defeats

28/2/15 Championship Game 34 Rotherham 2 Millwall 1 att 10,329 (1307)
Gregory misses chance
We lead one nil at half time after Woolford scored but we produced nothing in the 2nd half as Rotherham scored early and finished us off when they got their 2nd in the 84th minute.
13000 Wall went to this game and the jeering Rotherham supporters and Ian Holloway felt the wrath of our tongue. That opens the gap to six points between us and Rotherham must feel confident that we will not breach that gap.

Millwall: Forde, Abdou, Dunne, Hooiveld, Harding, Williams, Tonge, Woolford, Fabbrini(Upson 86)
Taylor-Fletcher(Fuller 58), Gregory(O'Brien 66)
subs not used, Kings, Beevers, Nelson, Martinez

Rotherham: Collin, Hunt, Arnason, Broadfoot, Fryers, Newton(Hammill 69), Green, Smallwood, Pringle, Ward,(Frecklington 90), Derbyshire(Sammon 89),


3/3/15 Championship Game 35 Middlesbrough 3 Millwall 0 att: 16078 (162)
Gregory misses chance and 162 amazing souls made the journey
Lee Gregory, a decent non-league striker who has proved that he isn't good enough for this league. His Game stats back that up. It would be great to be proved wrong and he starts banging them in against Norwich this Saturday. We play a unchanged side for the third game in a row but after calling out for stability in the team thinking that this was the reason why we were not doing well, stability has achieved nothing. Where's the Hof?

Millwall: Forde, Abdou, Dunne, Hooiveld, Harding, Tonge(O'Brien 80), Willams(Upson 65), Woolford, Fabbrini, Taylor Fletcher, Gregory(Fuller 65), 
subs not used, King, Nelson, Beevers, Angel

Boro: Konstantopoulos, Friend, Fredericks, Gibson, Leadbetter(Foreshaw 82), Clayton, Kike, Tomlin(Vossen 73), Bamford(Wildschut 83), Kalas, Adomah

Goals: Bamford 26, Kike 30, Vossen 78

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Millwall 1 Sheffield Wednesday 3, Championship Game 33 24/2/15, att:8,568 (away 1001)

The worst home record since we have been in the football league

Do I really need to go through the memories of this game and recall the pathetic way we gave up the game and gave it to the leagues lowest scorers Sheffield Wednesday on a plate. If  I am bothering to write a Millwall blog you have to take the rough with the smooth and at the moment its all rough so I will still have to, so here goes.

We try but just not good enough to win at home

We dominated much of the first half and could have been at 3-0 up but no one seems to be able to put the ball away. Sheff  Wed scored in the 53rd minute against the run of play and from that point disaster struck. Ian Holloway changed formation with three at the back and it all went down hill from there. Ian Holloway has done this three at the back bollocks before and it don't suit us. It hardly worked then and it didn't work now.

Half time smoke. After a decent first half I was looking forward to going back in

I was optimistic that after the first half of chances we would continue in a similar manner especially as we were kicking towards the Cold Blow Lane Stand. I have seen many sides over the years get battered defending this goal and its normally in the second half.

Holloway apologises after the game for the failure of this tactic but apologises do not give us the three points. We were doing alright apart from conceded the first goal and could have pulled the game back playing as we had been in the first half,  but as I said earlier he made changes that he knew had failed in the past and yes it was dismal then and it was dismal now. The players looked flummoxed  in as much as they didn't know where they were playing on the pitch and the lowest goal scoring team in the Championship put three goals past us and that was that. A low Lions crowd had turned out for this game which was 7,567 if you knock a 1000 off the total for the good size mid-week away support. When the final whistle blew there was a lot less in the Den as most of the Wall had already gone home. Ian Holloway got of light with the abuse.

Deigo Fabbrini's late goal was well taken and one like that at Rotherham Saturday may help keep us in this division

Millwall: Forde, Abdou(Gueye 74), Harding, Dunne, Hooiveld, Williams, Tonge, Woolford(O'Brien 50), Fabbrini, Taylor-Fletcher, Gregory(Fuller 63),
subs not used, King, Upson, Beevers, Nelson

Goal: Fabbrini 90

Sheffield Wednesday: Kirkland, Palmer, Lees, Zayatte, Maghoma(Helan 90), Lee, Dielna, Semoda, McGuyan(Hutchinson 74), Keane(May 80), Nuhia

Goals: McGugan 52, Nuhiu 72, May 83

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Millwall 0 Fulham 0, Championship Game 32, 21/2/15, att:12,707 (away 1815)


I said after the Leeds game that I fancied us for this one. I would have been right if we had somebody who could stick the ball in the net. There's no other word for it "hopeless" because that's what we are, there must be a foggy haze around the oppositions goal and we can't penetrate it.  We are keeping clean sheets or losing to the odd goal so we have sorted out the defence but although we came very close and on two occasions Lee Gregory messed up a chance to bury the ball with his feet and with head. Because of the way we play we do not get too many chances and when we do somebody's got a bury them or at the very least direct them towards goal.

As I said, we were lacking quality up front to get something from this game, Gregory missed when he should have scored and a cracking shot from Michael Tonge whistled past the post after it was somewhat deflected by a Fulham defender. It was so close it took the paint off the post.
Fulham did not produce much their-selves and for a ex Premiership club with Premiership players and Premiership money we restricted them to very little and I cannot remember Forde having to do much apart from a save that looked a bit flappy from behind the goal but seeing it on the telly hi-lights it was a good save.

Ricardo Fuller done something I have never seen before at the Den he managed to get the ball over the roof of the Cold Blow Lane Stand while attempting a shot or something. He managed this when the ball come to him from such a height it had snow on it. If you study the picture below you can see Fuller who is on the  left as you look at the picture and the ball is way up high before he whacked it over the roof

With the ball coming back from Mars Ricardo Fuller sets himself  up for a moon shot

That's 31 points and we are still third from bottom and a three point gap between us and Brighton who won their game 4-3

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Leeds 1 Millwall 0, Championship Game 31 14/2/15 att:24,000

 Drastic restricted away support is not in our favour

We could not continue with our run of away wins and lost to a single goal at hard to get to Elland Road. With only 180 Wall inside the stadium we did not perform first half and Leeds took their deflective goal in the 39th minute.

Clink on link below for a independent view and some facts regarding the police voucher system >>  Roll up, roll up get your vouchers here

We improved second half  with Woolford performing well and going close and with a couple of minutes of extra time left on the clock fuller dribbled through challenges inside the Leeds penalty box and screwed one just wide of the post.

Martyn Woolford played well and seemed like a new man. Was he playing for Millwall or was he playing for himself and showing Leeds what he has got after he's failed move to them due to the owner of Birmingham who's name escapes me not knowing who he was. Being realistic and knowing what matters to a footballer I hope he was playing for himself and also playing for the Millwall. It seemed to matter.

Home game this Saturday against Fulham and it's a must that we stop this run of not winning at home since Oct 25th last year. I fancy us for this one.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Birmingham 0 Millwall 1, Championship League Game 30 10/2/15, att:14,186



That's thirty games played and we have achieved thirty points, keeping to this formula I wonder if 46 points would be enough to keep us up.

Woolford hits bar, David Forde back on song and tops it with an exceptional save

That's two successive away wins and one defeat in four and that represents a bit of form and we are one win or maybe a draw away from getting out of the relegation spots and looking up and not down. Martin Woolford back in the side after his failed loan to Leeds United hits the bar and plays the full ninety, Diego Farbbrini fluffs his lines with his twist and volley and Martin's shot is palmed away. David Forde plays a good game with two good saves, one which was exceptional and without doubt helped to secure our win. We had a fair amount of play around Birmingham's penalty box and on the pitch in general and when Alan Dunne scored with his head in the 51st minute we held on and won our first game at Birmingham for 47 years
Bottom 5, Charlton 33 pts, Brighton 30 pts, Millwall 30 pts, Wigan 22 pts, Blackpool 20 pts

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Dunne, Hooiveld, Harding, Tonge, Williams, Martin, Fabbrini, Woolford, Maierhofer1(Gregory 72)

Goal: Dunne 51min

Birmingham: Randolph, Caddis, Spector, Robinson, Grounds, Davis, Gleeson, Cotterill, Shinnie(Gray 64), Dyer(Novak 64), Donaldson(Zigic 76)

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Millwall 1 Huddersfield 3 Championship 7-2-15, att: 10,281 (away 586)

They lift you up (occasionally)  and drop you down with a massive thump (frequently)

Every other team lost below us and around us so in the scheme of things not too much damage done but come on Millwall "man up and sort these errors and remember your Lions.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Millwall and our January Window 2015

Ian Holloway,  we need more options and we need these options quickly

<Millwall sign Paris Hall-Cowan from Wycombe Wanderers on a two and a half year deal. He's quick and can score.

>Paul Robinson who is on loan at Portsmouth has his contract terminated and is free to negotiate a deal elsewhere. I am sorry to see him go, a proper Millwall player that always gave all in is quiet and controlled manner. He also scored a few goals and some were "big" goals, promotion etc.  I think that I would have liked to see him stay. I know he lost a bit after is long term injury but I don't think he was any worse than we have.

>Scott Malone looks like he will be leaving and signing for Cardiff. Perhaps he will do well there.
Scott Malone signs for Cardiff  8/1/15

>Josh Wright goes to Leyton Orient on a free

<31 year old Dan Harding who plays as a defender signs on loan from Nottingham Forest to the end of the season.

<Stefan Maierhofer returns to the end of the season and comes on a sub in the 1-0 defeat at Blackpool

>Jermaine Easter goes to Bristol Rovers

<12/1/15 Shaun Cummings joins from reading and signs a two and a half year deal

>Stephen Bywater is let go. I think he's gone to Doncaster

<Right back Shaun Cummings joins the Lions from reading on a two-and-a-half contract

<We secure Watford's forward player Diego Fabbrini on loan for 90 days(ish)

>On loan Wilkinson goes back to Stoke

>24/1/15 Scott McDonald leaves Millwall after having his contract terminated..

.26/1/12 Central defender Jos Hooiveld signs on loan from Southampton

2/2/15 Michael Tonge signs on loan from Leeds, another midfielder.

2/2/15 Goalkeeper Jordan Archer joins on loan from Tottenham to the end of the season. That's our lot in the January window and although no Tim Cahill I think we have managed to capture some good players for the hard grind ahead.

This list may not be exactly in date order

On paper we have signed a few "proper footballers" so lets have a look.

That's the transfer window closed and no last minute signing of a striker. Overall 'we got some decent players but a good few of them are on loan. Paris Cowan-Hall seems to be a *star buy* but it looks like he is out for the rest of the season due to a ligament injury he picked up in the Reading game.
Jos Hooiveld looks well useful and looked a good educating partner for young Sid Nelson, it's a shame that Sid got sent off. The 6'8'' Stefan Maierhofer is back and what can I say? He gets slaughtered on the Message boards and a lot of supporters think putting it kindly "that he has no skill" I think the same but he does add a factor to the team that can be used for our advantage. I am not sure what this factor is apart from, it must be he's presence. I will put money on it that he will score but not sure when.
I have not my mind up yet regarding Shaun Cummings but as he is on loan. I will not get to attached anyway.
Diego Fabbrini who is also on loan and I doubt if we could afford him sets the place alight. With five minutes of him on the pitch he was a Wall favourite, yes it was that quick.
These new players have already helped us secure four points, so lets carry on. I have not seen Michael Tonge play yet so 'no comment. I read in the Southwark News that West Ham are not on his Christmas list. Something to do with the Carlos Tevez and regulations.

Home to Huddersfield Saturday and it must be a win, lets keep that memento going 

Tim Cahill, there's only once place to go

Our of our finest players ever Tim Cahill leaves New York Red Bulls and is now a free agent.
There is so much speculation across the internet with Fox News saying he's going to Everton and others saying he's going to China or some saying he's going back home to Australia.

The road home

Everton supporters are saying he can come back to Goodison Park as a coach because he is 35 years old and wouldn't have the legs for the Premiership. I don't think Tim Cahill would do that yet but what would I know. I do know that Neil Harris mentioned something about a super signing or words to that effect.

I do remember when he left Millwall back in 2004 to join Everton I read that he said he would like to come back to Millwall one day. We are awaiting young sir

The outcome

That was wishful thinking as he signs for Shanghai Shenhau which is some team somewhere in China. It must have been about the money, which is to be expected as he has to think about his family and his future..

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Nottingham Forest 0 Millwall 1, Championship Game 28, att: 23,018 (we take 682)

That's our first win in nine games and our 6th win of the season

The last eight
17th Huddersfield 34 points
18th Charlton 33 pointS
19th Leeds 32 points
20th Rotherham 30 points
21st Brighton 29 points
22nd Millwall 27 points
23rd Wigan 22 points
24th Blackpool 20 points

Ricardo fuller come come on as a 83rd minute sub pounced on some poor defending and "bang" we took the three points. With out doubt we are much a better side since our recent signings and I don't think that Stuart Pearce had done his homework. He's "after game ramble" included "Millwall were a team waiting to be beaten" If this is true it appears that he thought we were going to be as crap as we were against Bradford City and was going to be a easy three points. I wonder if he sent a scout to out Tuesday night game against Reading? I guess he did not.
Once again glowing reports regarding Diego Fabbrini. This was the 3rd game where he has played for us and straight away you could see that he is a quality midfielder who grafts hard and his wizardry with the ball is something that we haven't seen in a Millwall shirt for a long, long time. Hopefully after he's loan period is up we will not be disappointed but I guess a footballer of this quality is got to be on a higher pay grade that we could offer. It could be another "Chris Wood" moment.
There was a sloppy back pass by Shaun Cummings that could have done us but it didn't and hopefully he will learn and won't do it again. Mark Beever's who seemed to be a different player and a cracking header from him was going in but the Forest keeper DeVries pulled off a top drawer save. I big shout also for Alan Dunne who was back in the team and put in a decent performance.

Feeling chirpy myself and I may even do the washing up

We are a improved side and I said after the Reading game that new signing Jos Hooiveld is the "king pin" and in such a short time the performance level and commitment has rose two fold and the old and new players are putting in a shift, even David Forde is saving well and Beevers in this game done well. The Hof needs to raise his game if possible which would be my only criticism after this game. All in all a cracking win and well worth the three points, it's been a long wait and considering what we have had to put up with Ian Holloway is still here while others around him fall. Stuart Pearce as just been sacked and another manager bites the dust after we beat him. The next game can't come quick enough.

Nottingham Forest: DeVries, Kane, Hobbs, Wilson, McLaughlin, C Burke(Fryatt), Lansbury, Osborn, Antonio, Teche(Peterson), Assombalonga
subs not used, Darlow, Lichal, Fox, Veldwijk, Lascelles,

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Hooiveld, Beevers, Dunne, Williams, Abdou, Gueye(Fuller) Fabbrini, Martin(Upson), Maierhofer(Gregory),
subs not used, Webster, O'Brien, Powell, King

Goal: Fuller 83

NEWS FLASH.....Stuart Pearce sacked the next day. Another manager bites the dust after we beat his team. It seems to be a habit of ours.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Paris Cowan-Hall crooked after the Reading game

Hairline fracture of his tibia and damage to the stabilising ligament behind the knee

Talk about one step forward and three steps back. We were all looking forward to seeing our new signing from Wycombe turn it on at Forest today but that's not going to happen. (that's Millwall for you). This injury happened at some point  in the Reading game and it seems it did not come to light till after the game. There is some good news as it seems it's not as bad as it could have been but we could still be looking at months before he returns to the side, the season will probably be over by then. I wish him well and lets hope he mends quickly and he still has a career ahead of him at the Den.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Millwall 0 Reading 0, Championship 27/1/15 att:8,315 (away 539)


The Lions are back with more bite and a bit more passion

It may have been just a point but they are there to be earn't and we certainly grafted for this one. With the January signings of Dan Harding, Stefan Maierhofer, Shaun Cummings , Diego Fabbrini and last minute central defender Jos Hooiveld starting and Paris Cowan-Hall on the bench we were a new look side that from the start looked more solid at the back and I was watching the way that Jos Hooiveld and Sid Nelson were working closely together in the centre of the defence with lots of chat between them. These two will develop in a fine pairing if given the chance and I was gutted when Sid Nelson's 45 minute slightly missed timed tackle resulted in a red card which was issued with great zest from referee Alan Medley.  Sid Nelson trudged off the pitch probably a lot more gutted than me.


For the second half Hooiveld teamed up with Shaun Williams and that worked well. Paris Cowan-Hall took the place of Magaye Gueye, and he looks a exciting prospect. Alan Dunne come on and Stefan Maierhofer went off and we finished the game with a purpose and created chances that maybe on another day would see us gain a win and the three points. All in all a good result considering we played the 2nd half with ten men, or did we?. The Den was back to it's noisy self and we being the 12th man dropped into the 11th man spot and roared the Lions on.  I think this game was a pointer to things to come and as I said earlier it maybe just a point but after the improvement against Ipswich which we still lost to earn this draw is the next step. It's Nottingham Forest Saturday and last year we beat them and we beat others and went on to survive the drop. As for now we have a total of 24 points which means there's a long way to go.

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Harding, Nelson(sent off 45m), Hooiveld, Williams, Abdou, Gueye(Dunne46), Gregory, Maierhofer(Cowan-Hall 46), Fabbrini(Martin 77)

subs not used, King, Beevers, Upson, Fuller

Reading: Fedric, Kelly, Obita, Pearce, Hector, Norwood, Williams, Chalobah(McCleary 58), Robson-Kanu,(Mackie 76), Blackman(Cox 58), Pogrebnyak

subs not used, Anderson, Tauner, Cooper, Karacan

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


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London Football Awards 2015:
Recognising the very best of London football

Unsung heroes of London football will be recognised alongside world famous Premier League footballers at the 2015 London Football Awards on March 5th at Battersea Evolution, London.  Nominations for the new London Community Project of the Year award, which credits these outstanding local people, can be made now at The London Football Awards will raise funds for national charity, Willow.

Alongside the London Community Project of the Year award, which is voted for by the general public, current players in London football will be recognised by awards including London Player of the Year; London Young Player of the Year (under-23); London Manager of the Year; London Goalkeeper of the Year; London Women’s Player of the Year and; Outstanding Contribution to a London Club.  Past winners include Aaron Ramsey, Ledley King and Roy Hodgson, to name a few.  Nominations for each category will be announced February 2015, ahead of the awards.

The London Community Project of the Year award is voted for by the general public and short-listed by the judging panel, it will be awarded to the leading individual of an outstanding community based project, linked to a London Club, that uses sport to address issues of social, ethnic, physical, economic and gender exclusion.  The five short-listed nominees will be invited to the awards ceremony with a guest.
Nominations can be made online until January 31st at with a chance to be entered in to a prize draw to win two tickets to the Awards (terms & conditions can be found on the website).

For more information and to book tickets to the Awards visit or telephone Willow on 01707 259777.

Fredrica Bowkett

Campaigns Assistant
"Special Days for seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds"

Willow House
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Football supporter? Join us to celebrate the very best of London Football in 2015 all in aid of Special Days. Early booking is recommended to avoid dissapointment. Find out more and book online here.   


7 WINDMILLS......As a Millwall supporter I reckon that young defender Sid Nelson who has only just turned 19 and wears the Millwall Captains armband must be in with a shout with the London Young Player Of The Year Award. With the showing so far he would get my vote.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Millwall 1 Ipswich 3, yet another home defeat 17/1/15, att: 11,063

Championship Game 26 and still only 23 points

WHOLESALE CHANGES AND NEW SIGNINGS  How long can I go on. Constantly writing about the Lions and their defeats is tedious and I can hardly rustle up the effort to turn on the laptop, but with the new players starting this game I went to the Den curious more than anything else but with hope that it was going to better than I seen and heard recently. Playing against Ipswich who are doing well and our old boss Mick McCarthy was always going to be a big ask for a Millwall side that had just been stuffed by a League One side and had a 19 year old as captain plus four recent signings and eight changes from the Bradford game. We were better. There was improved effort and a bit more passion which means there is a chink of light, a small chink, but enough to let me know there may be something there, something to cling on to and maybe a win before long. That hope will hopefully keep me going.

We did play better, we didn't roll over and we did try to get something from this game and we gave it ago. We did go behind to yet again a early goal and we did concede a second shortly after that but we didn't capitulate on the pitch or in the stands and we kept going and managed to score just before half time which set us up for the second half. Could we get something from this game was my thoughts at half-time and that was a thought that hadn't come my way for a good few weeks, maybe months.

Free kick, but no cigar

We did give it ago in second half to try to pull the game back and Webster, Powell, Gueye all had shots off target so did Abdou who had three. Shooting practice should be on the agenda.  We conceded the third on 77 minutes and that was end of us getting anything from this game.
New signing Diego Fabbrini looks useful and can certainly play with the ball. He was subbed in the 60th minute and replaced by Lee Martin and after that we didn't seem to have the same fizz in Midfield.

We have no game for ten days so this will help getting the new signings bedded in and especially the back four as it was clear early on that Cummings, Webster, Nelson and Harding hadn't played together before and time will be the factor in making sure that they get to know each other.

Millwall: Forde, Cummings(Fuller 80), Nelson, Webster, Harding, Abdou, Powell, Gueye, Fabbrini(Martin 60), Gregory, Maierhofer

Subs not used, King, Shittu, Woolford, McDonald, Wilkinson

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Bradford 4 Millwall 0 and we take 615 poor souls on a piss poor night on and off the pitch

Sometimes in life shit happens and when it does it can be far more worse than Millwall getting stuffed by a league one club in the FA cup but after this display nothing matters any more, we can kiss Chelsea goodbye. I'm going to bed.

Next Day

John Berylson is to refund the cost of the match ticket to the 456 travelling "Wall" who bought their tickets in advance. Hopefully this money is taking out the players pay, if not it should be.

The Culprits: Forde,  Dunne,  Shittu, Beevers( sent off six minutes in),  Briggs,  Abdou,  Chaplow, Upson,(Webster 46),  Gregory,  Fuller(Woolford 22),  Martin(Gueye 62)

This done me, Scott McDonald played up front in the first leg and scored a goal. For this game he was on the bench. I presume he was being saved for the Ipswich game.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Blackpool 1 Millwall 0, Championship, 10/1/15, att: 9,994


Rock Bottom Blackpool were to good for us and this defeat seems to be the tipping point as many supporters are calling for the Clown (not my term) to go and go now. I am not sure that's a good idea at the moment as we are still in the January window and there's still some shopping to do.

Dear oh dear, if we can't beat bottom side Blackpool who can we beat?  We had chances, we had a penalty shout but in this "must win game" we didn't have the whereabouts yet again to grind out a result. This is the worse time that I can remember following the Wall, it's embarrassing,. Ricardo Fuller is wayward with his finishing and he gets it large from the travelling support. He gives some abuse back at them and he is quickly substituted. Ian Holloway brings on Stefan Maierhofer who is playing his first game after signing for a second time and he carried on where Fuller left off and although the Hof had chances his finishing was no better than Fuller's. I do not believe that Fuller was worthy of the abuse that was slung at him. He has been a constant hard worker and has scored goals and I am not convinced he is a "wage thief" as others within the team have been described .

Ian Holloway said the side lacked composure. I say "yes they lack composure and just about everything else."
He also said on the Millwall FC website, I cannot fault the effort and desire of the boys because everyone of them gave it absolutely everything but unfortunately Blackpool got their goal and we couldn't find a way back. 
We must be bad, Blackpool got their goal and although we gave absolutely everything we couldn't find a way back. 'struth, Blackpool must have played like Real Madrid, a tough nut to crack.

Last ten league games: DLDDLWLLLL 30 points up for grabs and we get just six. Our home record within these ten goals is dismal. W e have played five lost four and drawn one, that's one point from 15. That's not the Millwall I have followed all these years, that's Dismal FC. HELP

I know one thing. We should not get excited regarding beating Bradford this coming Wednesday because if  we do happen to beat them in this FA Cup replay our current team will get smashed to bits by Chelsea in the next round. The Kings Road may go the same way.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Millwall 3 Bradford City 3, 3/1/2015, att: 5,470 (away 1093)

THE FA CUP 3rd round

The next day the Sunday papers called this a six goal thriller. I don't think that was the case especially if you was a Millwall supporter. League 1 Bradford city  are sitting 5th in their division and this was a classic "banana skin" type of game that went to form. Sitting near the bottom of the Championship was proof enough that our recent form and results was nothing to sing about and we were facing a in-form Bradford side that came to the Den with a good away support. Bradford gave us a early scare when they opened the scoring in the 6th minute as once again we couldn't deal decisively with a set piece as Bradford scored from a corner. We were playing a normal nervy type of game with passes going a stray and it wasn't so much that Bradford were defending stoutly to keep us out it was more of us trying to produce opportunities without the moves breaking down. We did keep on trying and all though it was frustrating watching the team we did equalise on 36 minutes as Scott McDonald's glancing header levelled the score jut before half time.

The away end looks on
Something to celebrate-Scott McDonald's goal

Sid Nelson starts again

We did score three goals and Ricardo Fuller was on the money as he scored a brace. His first goal saw us take the lead on 66 minutes as he scored from about eight yards out after Scott McDonald broke through with the ball. The lead only lasting four minutes as Bradford got lucky and equalised. A deflected cross hit the crossbar bounced back hit Sid Nelson and went in. Once again Sid Nelson had a decent game The Bradford supporters went crazy and we went off to find a dark corner to hide in. It got worse, the northerners scored again and took the lead again on 76 minutes. The Den was stunned and there was a few grunts aimed at Ian Holloway and the players but Ricardo Fuller scored again with just seven minutes on the clock and that made sure we went home not yet again experiencing a home defeat.
I know it's "only" the FA Cup but the cup means something down at Millwall and we are still in the draw for the next round. Back to their place on Jan 15th  I'll.take the draw because we could have lost it but we stuck with it and scored three.That's a positive.

Just heard that if we beat Bradford it's Chelsea away in the next round. That's added a twist to the Bradford game and it's all to play for. I haven't said this for a while,,,UP THE WALL

Friday, 2 January 2015

Paris Cowan-Hall 2/1/15

Wycombe Wanderer star Paris  Cowan-Hall signs on a two and a half year deal.
Ian Holloway states that we will love him.

Guess what? he gets injured in training and does not play at Blackpool. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Millwall 0 Bournemouth 2, Championship League Game 24, 28/12/14, att:10,407


League leaders come to town

I hooked up with Peter who publishes the very good Bournemouth Blog Cherry Chimes and answered a few of his questions. If you fancy a look click on link below>>

That's the third defeat on the spin and yet more changes.  Losing at home to Bolton 1-0 and the 6-1 thrashing at Norwich and now this defeat at the hands of Bournemouth have left us tottering on the edge of the League 1 abyss. I did here a muted chant of  'Holloway out' coming from the Dockers stand and I am sure I heard a chant aimed at Scott Malone 'your not fit to wear the shirt'. If my hearing was correct this could be start of terrace unrest and a more vocal campaign may follow. On the game itself, we were yet again poor in all departments and although we tried to give it ago we were just not good enough as per usual. We need some new blood in the team and I don't just mean support for Lee Gregory, we need at least four new signings in the January window and there is hope that something will happen on that front but who's available and if there was anybody available would they want to join a sinking ship. Time will tell.


Millwall concede the first goal after a penalty was given to Bournemouth after Lee Martin fouled Bournemouth's Charlie Daniels outside the box. "Yes" that is correct, "outside the box" I was ideally placed to spot that the foul was outside the box but apparently the referee wasn't.

David Forde dives the right way but couldn't keep out 'the penalty that never was"


Making his full league debut fellow Wall Sid Nelson shows the so called senior pro's how to play a football match, He played all out from start to finish and could have scored with a little more luck. Hopefully he does not get contaminated by "the couldn't care attitude around him" and lets hope he doesn't get his brain scrambled trying to work out Holloway's tactics.  Perhaps we need to play a few more young un's in our next game especially after Scott Malone has trouble not falling over his own feet.

ps....Shaun Williams gets a red card. He must channel the frustration and hot headedness and show more passion with the ball then he will be playing the Millwall way.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

12/12/14 Championship Game 21 Brighton 0 Millwall 1 att: 24,085 we take about 800

A Friday night live on Sky game. It was good to get the win

This game was not exactly a sizzler but we started well, we looked sharper, passed it about a bit had decent movement and scored a goal in the 15th minute. Then for some reason we played the rest of the game frightened to do anything similar again. It seemed like that after the 5-1 drubbing at  home against Middlesbrough the taking of this precious lead against Brighton was something they were keeping. They done the job so on that score the players can not be faulted. Millwall's goal come about after some good play and a couple bits of good luck when Lee Gregory picked the ball up on the edge of the area and run in and smacked the thing home beating the Brighton keeper on his far side of the goal.

That's 23 points from 21 games and if we keep that up for the rest of the season that may not be enough to keep us up.

Millwall: Forde, Wilkinson, Shittu, Beevers, Malone, Angel(Dunne 88), Williams, Gueye(Abdou 80), McDonald, Woolford, Gegory(Fuller 82),
subs not used, King, Briggs, Easter, Upson

Goal: Gregory 15 mins

Brighton: Stockdale, Bruno, Dunk, Halford, Chickson, Forster-Caskey, Gardner, Teixeira, March(Colunga 65), Bent, E.Bennett(McCourt 72),
subs not used, Walton, Ince, Hughes, Holla, Calderon

Sunday, 7 December 2014

6/12/14 Millwall 1 Middlesborough 5 att: 10,328


That was the end of my hope that we could go undefeated in December.

Rose coloured glasses won't work with this game. We were hopeless, what I saw today was not Millwall. There was no fight and no desire, wrong tactics and no "Millwall way"
Playing at home Millwall should have been in their face but they weren't in the race. I have never seen so many leave a game early in all the years that I have supported the Wall. 

With 5 minutes  of normal time to go and the Cold Blow Lane stand is looking thin on the ground

John Berylson wants more supporters through the turnstyles, he ain't  going to get it with a display like that. Our defence was nowhere good enough and it makes me wonder why Paul Robinson is on loan down at Portsmouth. The players that Ian Holloway rotates to play in the defence are not good enough and have the right attitude to battle fr the Lions. This maybe because of constant rotation and changes to tactics but stronger players like Paul Robinson would still battle and have the nous about him to adapt. His age maybe against him now but unless Danny Shittu plays on a regular basis we need a player like him.

The Game:

Millwall could have been 3-0 down before Boro scored their first and we can thank David Forde that that was not the case. The goals against us went in on 21, 28, 34, 44 and 79 minutes. We scored ourselves (whoopee) when Scott McDonald buried one in the 78th minute but no comeback this time as Boro quickly scored their fifth.and we were done good and proper.

The joy of celebrating Scott McDonald's goal lasted less than a minute

We as a crowd was quiet. Ian Holloway blames himself. Alan Dunne mentions that it was a new formation and Marc Bircham states that it will never happen again. I bloody hope not because I thought that when Ian Holloway took over that all this misery would be a thing of the past but it doesn't seem that way.. Can we have a constant please?
I have this seasons full page on my other Millwall Blog "FOLLOWING MILLWALL FC " clink on this link >>Championship 2014-15 there is a link back here.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Bournemouth 2 Millwall 2 Championship Game 19 29/11/14

We Can Match Them All--But Not For 90 Minutes

We must now be officially the come back kings as yet another game we come back from being dead and buried and salvage yet another precious point. These comebacks are earning us a few points but not enough to keep us a way from the relegation places. We drop to 20th place and hold just a 2 point cushion.

Following on from the Lions 0-0 draw at Charlton last Saturday the Lions looked like yet again that a win was beyond them and a even a point didn't seem possible as top of the division Bournemouth took a 2-0 lead by the 25th minute and looked liked they were going to stay in the top spot.
Cue the second half, we play more from the front and cue the Millwall comeback. Ed Upson with 75 minutes on the clock starting the comeback as he headed past the Bournemouth keeper and with 2 minutes of normal time to go Magaye Gueye fired the ball home and the Lions escaped defeat. The away end was on it all through the game and helped the team to get the point. Let's not go behind and keep "coming back" lets start from the start as we mean to finish and we may start to pick up a few more wins. 

Millwall 20 pts
Rotherham 19 pts
Brighton 18 pts
Wigan 17 pts
Blackpool 9 pts

Saturday, 15 November 2014


2014-15 season   That's 17 games gone and frequently wrong refereeing decisions have strengthened the siege mentality and enhanced the atmosphere down at the Den. Some of these ref decisions have been so blatently wrong it makes you wonder. Sometimes I think just like many others that follow Millwall FC that there is a agenda to drive the club out of football, but it only convinces us to be more determined to stay in it. 

Those that care understand

There is no other football club in England similar to us and there's no other football club with supporters like us. Unique springs to mind

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Millwall 2 Brentford 3, 8/11/14, Championship League Game, att: 13,048

History in the making

For the first time in football history and it's Millwall that wear a camouflage kit as they support Headley Court which is the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre located in Surrey. Headley Court logo stands proud on this special Millwall shirt. 

The players from both teams form a guard of honour for Headley Court injured military personnel who were invited to the game on the day before remembrance Sunday. Tomorrow will also mark 100 years since the start of the First World War.

Proceeds from the sale of 1500 plus of these camouflage shirts, plus one pound from every programme sold will mean that a nice few bob will be coming the centre's way. It should be around 25k. Headley Court were also out with buckets.


Millwall looking like desert storm but first half playing like Desert Norm.

The Game

Following from my post after the Blackburn Game, it did rain but I copped the most from it after the game as we travelled down to Maidstone to pick up a car. What a night that was going down the M20, the window wipers had to work like crazy but we got home safe. Did the Lions work like crazy, I don't think they did and in the first half and yet again we went behind. A short while after the re-start we went 2-0 down and Brentford were making us look like mugs.  Another come back was on the cards as we clawed it back to 2-2 with goals from Lee Gregory  (I think) (58 min), and a rare one from Alan Dunne (59 min), which was a peach. Scott McDonald came on in the 57th minute and the two Lions goals quickly followed. There was no more goals for Millwall but Danny Shittu became a scorer as he gave Brentford a unintentional helping hand and scored a close up own goal. The referee was better than the last two games but when he booked Alan Dunne in the first minute, I thought, here we go again. He managed to finish the game with no more incidents apart from a cracking goal that fetched us level at 2-2

I don't think we have any ball winners. I can't remember the last time we tacked anybody and come away playing the ball. We have no problem giving the ball away. Brentford reminded me of Millwall a good few years back.

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Shittu, Beevers (Ranegie 67), Briggs, Chaplow (Upson 82), Williams, Gueye (McDonald 57), Gregory, Martin, Fuller
subs not used, King, Woolford, Upson, Webster

Goals: Gregory 58, Dunne 59

Brentford: Button, Odubajo, Dean, Craig, Bidwell, Judge, Diagouraga, Pritchard (Smith 76),, Toral (Saunders 76), Gray, Jota (Dallas 66), 
subs not used, Bonham, Tarkowski, Yennaris, Proschwitz

Goals: Gray 42, 56, Shittu og 64


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Two games in the life of Millwall FC.....we always get shit ref's


Blame the players, blame the referee, blame the manager and a amazing come back

Watford away  1/11/14  lost 3-1  att:17,000  (1,797 traveled)

Danny Shittu didn't start which surprised a few

We had the the majority of the possession  but conceded the most fouls and the most bookings. I am not to sure how that works out, we must have been tackling ourselves. We played half decent but once again we was mugged by a referee. We took the lead on 12 minutes when Woolford picked up a sweet pass from Scott McDonald threw a dummy as he pretended to shoot and once he lost his marker he shot and buried the ball  in the Watford net. Watford scored to level the game in the 36th minute and shortly afterwards Ricardo Fuller was tripped in the box and you've guessed it, no penalty given. Blatant penalty for all to see apart from the officials of course who always have shit in their eyes when it comes to giving Millwall a fair playing field. It got worse, Alan Dunne ended up on the ground at the edge of the Lions penalty area after being challenged by Watford's Deeney who then fell over Dunne's legs and Deeney was given a free kick, Watford scored from the free kick. It just can't get any worse can it? We had chances in the second half to get a foot back in this game but it wasn't to be and Watford got their third on 64 minutes after another dodgy free kick and although we played well we left the place with nought.

Referee or so called, Bob Madley

Blackburn at the Den, Tuesday Night, 4/11/14, Millwall 2 Blackburn 2 att: 8,240 (away 468)


I can honestly say we were crap first half and we just couldn't get going with any pattern of play that resulted in a good enough standard that would produce a win against this opposition. The weather was wet and wet as in soaked to the skin wet, which I thought before the game "this could be a typical old skool Millwall night with blood and gristle and send this lot back with their tails between their legs" All that happened as once again a referee totally missed the content of a challenge and sent off loan signing Andy Wilkinson. At this moment in time we were already 1-0 down and things looked bleak. From that point the referee got dogs abuse and he deserved it. Andy Wilkinson went for a 50-50- ball that was there for the winning and both players cluttered together. The Blackburn bench jumped out of there seats as though their player had been shot and the referee was suckered in to send Wilkinson off.  Marc Bircham was sent to the stand for jostling with the Blackburn bench. We were stunned by all of this and a few minutes later Blackburn got their second goal. We could have crumbled but we didn't and on 72 minutes Lee Martin gave us hope after Ricardo Fuller held the ball up and Martin clinically finished..A short time later Ian Holloway who was pissed off as much as all of us and after questioning another referee decision got sent to the stand.

Going in for more pain, anguish,and injustice with a bit of Millwall passion thrown in

Now we were up for it, with the loudest "No One Like Us " we responded to this injustice and with ten men proceeded to take Blackburn apart and ."boom" Shaun Williams cracked a shot from outside of the box and the Den could be heard in Wapping.

 Maybe "taking Blackburn apart" was a bit over the top but that spirit shown to achieve a draw was "old skool" Millwall  and if we can mix that in with the good football we play at times we can reach for the promised land. The comeback was about that and two good worked goals scored by Lee Martin and Shaun Williams. Brentford home Saturday, I wonder if it will rain again? maybe. I wouldn't mind if it did but please give us a fair and intelligent referee.

Referee or so called: Darren Deadman,